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Jade Roller Rose Quartz by JRB

Jade Roller Rose Quartz by JRB
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Swoon over our new Rose Quartz rollers, featured in the on-the-go format. Our rollers are made with pure rose quartz from Uruguay. 🇺🇾 Featuring our new designer Rose Gold toned metal.  Excellent for sensitive skin types! 

Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles + redness, harmonizes emotions, washes negativity, reduces tension held in the face, promotes self forgiveness, feminine energy, connects energy between the heart, third eye, + crown chakras.  

The act of rolling stimulates lymphatic drainage to bring about your most radiant complexion. 

Rose Quartz is one of the most prevalent healing stones! Find out why. 

Properties: stone of universal love; restore trust and harmony; purifies and opens the heart; promotes love, self love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace; calming; reassuring; dispels negativity; protects against environmental pollution; encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance; strengthens and balances physical heart and circulatory system; releases impurities from bodily fluids; hastens recovery; reduces high blood pressure; aids chest and lung problems; heals kidneys and adrenals, alleviates vertigo.