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Mio Skincare Your Fit Skin for Life Kit

Mio Skincare Your Fit Skin for Life Kit
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Keep your skin super fit with this Your Fit Skin For Life Kit. Mio Skincare stand for face quality ingredients in their body products so you will always receive the highest quality. Containing Boob Tube+®, The Activist™ and Workout Wonder®, your skin will come out of every workout looking taut, firm and smooth whilst your muscles will be cooled, revived and energised. LB

This set contains:

Boob Tube+® Multi-Action Bust Firmer (30 ml)
A real treat for the chest region, this product takes on saggy tissue and wrinkled cleavage. It smoothens skin and gives it a glow within a matter of days. Boob Tube delivers a brightening action, too, making sun damaged skin look just fabulous. Mio make sure their body creams are of the same quality as facial care so if you want your face to be firm and crinkle free go ahead and put it on there! This cream is the beginning of the road to perky breasts!

The Activist™ Firming Active Body Oil (30 ml)
This oil nourishes your mature skin deeply, returning all the good stuff that makes it supple and soft. Rich in antioxidants the oil strengthens your skin to make it resilient whilst vitamins infuse it for increased elasticity and tautness. Of course it’s also suitable for super young, super dry skin.

Workout Wonder® Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel (30 ml)
Give your muscles a break without stopping your workout by using the Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel. A potent mixture of herbs and extracts of Arnica, Horse Chestnut, Murumuru Butter, Spearmint combines with V-Tonic TM and all natural Magnesium to cool, revitalise and energise. It also reduces inflammation and increases circulation so your skin and your muscles receive the perfect pre and post workout care.